Master Planning & Detailed Design

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Site Planning

Integrated Site Design provides specialist site planning and design services from site master planning and urban design to detailed landscape design, natural area management plans and project implementation documentation

Every site has its own unique character, and our focus is to optimise the potential of each site to deliver a functional, attractive and sustainable design that ensures the most efficient use of available capital to achieve the desired outcomes.

Our clients range from Government organisations managing significant public reserve portfolios to private sector organisations managing multiple or single holiday parks or tourist developments.

We can help you with;

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Natural Area Management

Our services include;

Reserve and Site Planning

  • Site Master Planning
  • Open Space and Reserve Planning
  • Plans of Management for Crown Reserves
  • Concept Plans and Detailed Site Plans

Landscape Planning and Urban Design

  • Detailed Landscape Plans
  • Public Reserve Design
  • Public Domain Design
  • Recreation Facility Design
  • Children’s Playground Design

Natural Area Planning and Management

  • Natural Area Management Plans
  • Vegetation Management Plans
  • Bushland Restoration Plans

Detailed Planning for Project Implementation

  • Detailed Plans and Specifications
  • Tender Documentation packages