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Business Reporting

Integrated Site Design provides specialist business advice on all facets of the holiday park industry. From organisations or individuals managing many parks to the mums and dads who take pride in their special piece of paradise. Integrated Site Designs services include:

Business planning – long term solutions to high value assets

Make sure your capital investment decisions are the result of a front end planning process. Integrated Site Design will:

  • Provide an analysis of industry trends nationally, within your state and across your region,
  • Identify local competitors and what they are offering,
  • Review current accommodation and facilities
  • Review current business performance on a seasonal basis
  • Review current pricing structures
  • Review current marketing strategies
  • Align future development with research outcomes
  • Provide an informed financial forecast for your business into the future

Financial modelling and forecasting for groups or individuals

Typically, financial decisions in caravan parks include large capital investment. Whether you are looking to provide additional accommodation and facilities or you are looking to purchase or redesign a park, the capital investment will be significant. It is important you understand how your business is currently performing and how it can be expected to perform after investing valuable capital.

ISD can provide financial modelling to assist with this process. Including projections of profit and loss, cash flows and balance sheets, the financial models will assist you to measure your business performance and asset values. Basing forecasts on assumptions using available financial data and a combination of your product knowledge and ISD experience, you will be able to make decisions with confidence that all factors have been considered and risks minimised. Your model will provide:

  • Profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow for last 3 years (assuming information is available from client)
  • Forecast profit and loss including a breakdown of income and expenditure
  • Forecast cash flow
  • Forecast balance sheet
  • Forecast financial performance indictors including graphical illustration
  • For those with multiple parks this information can be provided for each park and the group as a whole.

Compliance audits with Acts and regulations

Are you considering purchasing a park or want to know what exposure you may have to regulatory compliance?

At ISD we have built a template which enables us to provide you with a report regarding compliance with regulations. With local councils now taking a more proactive approach to park compliance, it is important you know what your obligations are.

The legislation relating to caravan parks in NSW has many tentacles with different interpretations for parks based on their age, current development consent and licensing. Let ISD take the worry away by providing the information you require to make decisions and respond to council notices and correspondence.

ISD has assisted many businesses over a long period to make informed decisions about acquisitions and possible limitations imposed by regulatory compliance. Services offered include:

  • Due diligence reports
  • Site compliance audits
  • Holiday van (long term casual) compliance
  • Remediation reports to address non-compliance including options available in current legislation



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